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Moodle installation
and customization

As your Moodle Experts, we provide professional Moodle services: installations, customizations, maintenance, and regular Moodle updates.


We offer advanced Moodle hosting for e-learning classrooms and the BigBlueButton video conferencing system on fast, adaptable servers connected in clusters, both in Slovenia and internationally.

and support

We specialize in maintenance of Moodle e-learning environments, offering our clients comprehensive Moodle partnership support. We ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of Moodle systems.

Development of
Moodle solutions

We customize and develop Moodle system functionalities according to our clients' wishes. We perform integrations with external systems and provide other tailored adjustments.

Design and
visual customization

We design and customize the visual appearance of Moodle e-learning platforms to align with the overall brand identity of the organization, meeting the desires and needs of our clients.

Moodle consulting
and training

We offer consultation for the establishment and optimization of the Moodle system. We train educators and Moodle system administrators to fully harness the capabilities the platform provides.

Effortlessly to your own
Moodle e-learning platform

Step into the world of digital education.
We'll ensure your e-classroom is fast, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

Visual and technical adjustment
Support and maintenance

Fully customizable
online learning management system.
Create exceptional educational experiences.

Free functionality demonstration
Free functionality demonstration
Discover the features and benefits of the most popular e-classroom! Harness the full potential of the Moodle system.
Moodle Services
Moodle Services
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